I can honestly say joining the TMG community has been the best thing I have done. I have tried quite a few fitness classes in my time and Tanyas are without a doubt the best. She is such a fantastic inspiration, her classes are never the same or dull. I actually look forward to them! And feel fantastic once I done them. As well as the amazing classes I have been apart of the 8 week health and fitness challenge. I am so chuffed with my results as well as feeling so much happier. This has helped me so much mentally through difficult times in lockdown. 
TMG is 100% THE BEST 
Hayley 2021
Tanya is truly amazing at what she does! I have been a PT client and regular at her classes for 4 years and have not only found a whole new love for fitness but have seen my body shape completely change. Before I started with TMG I had been a gym member and ran regularly, but I never saw any real results. Within a couple of months of working out with Tanya I had lost weight and inches but I had also really toned up and my fitness had improved. She is always challenging me and adding new classes to the timetable, so I never get bored! The classes are filled with really friendly people and I have made lots of friends! We all encourage and laugh with each other and it really pushes you to work hard. There are so many classes to choose from and with online and on demand too, it’s so easy to fit it in. Many classes are only 30 minutes but are really focused on calorie and toning.If it wasn’t for Tanya I would still be bored running and not actually getting anywhere or have quit fitness completely! She is the best instructor and PT I have ever trained with and we are so lucky to have her!!
Kathy 2021
The best thing to come out of Lockdown! TMG Fitness is the best thing which has come out of lockdown, I have always struggled with my weight and motivation and finding TMG has been amazing I love the classes, Tanya makes it feel so personal even though your in a group session and you feel so supported and you actually laugh during an exercise class (something I’ve never done) I have lost two dress sizes in the space of 3 months and I cannot thank Tanya and the team enough for everything they do, this is fitness which I am now committed too and has helped me so much, thank you for your time and commitment and for making people's lives change.
Charlene 2021
Great range of different classes to maximise your workouts and tailored for all abilities. Taught by an incredibly knowledgeable and motivational instructor who keeps it fresh and challenging, week in, week out. On-line live classes as well as on-demand classes at reasonable prices gives fantastic flexibility and means u never have to miss a class. Cardio, strength building, combat, pilates and stretch - something for everyone and catered for all ages. The best part is being part of a growing community that encourages progress and celebrates successes. No clique, just friendly and fun. Highly recommend TMG Fitness!
Sahra 2020
Tanya is the best fitness instructor EVER! Her classes are great for all abilities and her personality is so charismatic it keeps you motivated to keep returning to class. I’ve been attending her classes for years now, and watched her classes get more and more popular.  She’s created an amazing community and made fitness fun for many people.
Sam - 2020
Tanya is absolutely amazing she has so much energy enthusiasm offers you so much advice and encouragement . All her classes are fantastic and everyone makes you feel so welcome one big happy family so why not come along you will love it. 
Debbie - 2020
Tanya is inspirations, fun but ruthless. You will enjoy the classes so much you will be addicted. Best trainer ever FACT! 
Emma - 2019
Tanya brings her immense energy to every class. She keeps us working hard while having fun. She creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for people of all abilities. 
Linda - 2019 
 I first went to one of Tanya’s classes a couple of months after having my 2nd little girl. Having had two babies in quick succession, I was not feeling great about myself or my body. Tanya was supportive and encouraging from the beginning, giving me advice and telling me not to be hard on myself. Some of the early classes were hard, but at the end of every class I felt like I could take on the world! I have never done an exercise class for more than 5 months, I’m just coming up to a year of doing classes with Tanya and I can’t imagine my life without them or her, physically and mentally I am so much stronger!! As an instructor she is amazing, she brings the fun to every class and everyone leaves on a high, she is motivating, pushing you when she knows you can do more or recognising when you are working that little bit harder. The support doesn't end there, from her classes a real family, community, has grown and it’s because of Tanya, she is the lynchpin. I’ve lost 4 stone since starting Tanya's classes nearly at my target, but I will always go to Tanya’s classes and if she leaves I will find her!! Tanya has helped with my confidence and given me determination to be a fitter happier me! I thank her for all her help, support and encouragement, I may be doing the hard work, but Tanya makes it easier!! 
I’m glad she’s my fitness instructor and now my friend.   - Michelle - 2019