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Our focus at TMG Fitness is to make exercise FUN; so much so that it doesn’t even feel like exercise and, in turn, will help you to achieve your goals and become the best version of you!
Whatever your fitness level - from complete beginner to conditioned athlete, we will be with you, as a team, every step of the way, providing a huge variety of fun and exciting classes with something for every single one of you.

Alongside the classes, we offer the latest technology to keep you motivated including a members area complete with the latest tools to track and analyse your stats!!
All of our classes are live or live and interactive on Zoom. For anyone who can’t make it to live or online classes, we have On Demand videos loaded weekly to keep the workouts fresh and progressive! No excuse to ever miss a workout again! By joining the members area you will have access to our booking system, group forum, challenges, blog posts, recipes, On demand service and much much more!

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TMG Classes are live and interactive on zoom, live in the community and also available on demand. There really is something for everyone from complete beginner to conditioned athletes. Classes are FUN and are aimed at helping you to achieve your individual goals! 
Our classes include, Battebox, Sculpt, 
Tabatattack Kettlercise, Pound, Powerbands, Kettlebell HIIT, Pyramid, Purestretch, and much more. 

Unfortunately we are unable to do live classes in the community at the moment due to the pandemic, 



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BATTLEBOX! A workout and a rave! To Drum and Bass, Garage or even the latest House mix you will punch and kick your way through great combos.
Your heart rate will be high and your squats low! A workout that can be done with weighted gloves, on a bag with friends, or in pairs with pads! ​

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At TMG fitness we offer a variety of HIIT classes to make it interesting and keep you on your toes! Tabatattack and Commit to HIIT using body weight only! 

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Lifting weights won’t make you big, cake will!!

Kettlebell HIIT, Sculpt, Pyramid and Kettlercise offer a range of exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells (or tins of beans if you haven’t any weights), and they are a lot of fun!
Sometimes I like to throw in a Tabatattack 2.0 too!! ​

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Instead of listening to music, you become the music in the exhilartaing ful-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements.


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Bringing the gym to the dance floor. Prepare to blast your whole body with this amazing Power Bands workout. Incorporating a banging playlist and using a range of resistance bands to target all areas of your body, this workout will have leave you feeling exhilarated and fully worked out!!! ​

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Designed to move and stretch the entire body whilst giving the core an amazing workout! Stimulating, fun and all fitness levels can join and enjoy.


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TMG Fitness - something for everyone

TMG fitness is a fitness community for everyone! We offer A variety of fitness classes which will always be FUN 1-2-1 and Small Group Personal Training Group Challenges Community and support The best family atmosphere! Flexibility! How you can be part of the TMG family Unlimited class membership Class Pass Pay as you go Personal Training Sessions Workplace workouts ​

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     Workplace Workouts

     Mental and physical wellbeing has never been so important. More and more companiines want to support their employees and TMG Fitness can help. Exercise is not just about losing weight or getting fit. It helps with mood, stress, anxiety and refocusses the mind. For more information on Workplace workouts for your company or organisation please get in touch via our contact form or email at info@tmgfitness.co.uk

Why should you join TMG Fitness?

Here’s a few reasons!! 

TMG fitness is a fitness community for everyone! 


 A variety of fitness classes which will always be FUN
 ►1-2-1 and Small Group Personal Training
Group Challenges
Community and support
The best family atmosphere! 
How you can be part of the TMG family

Unlimited class membership
Class Pass
Pay as you go
Personal Training Sessions
Workplace workouts



Tanya won Fitness professional of the year 2020 in the Kent Health & Beauty awards! ​

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Here’s an article from the Kent Messenger Online paper;

Tanya is huge advocate for exercise for mental health!

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…..and here are some of the things TMG fitness family members say about TMG!!

“I can honestly say joining the TMG community has been the best thing I have done. I have tried quite a few fitness classes in my time and Tanyas are without a doubt the best. She is such a fantastic inspiration, her classes are never the same or dull. I actually look forward to them! And feel fantastic once I done them. “

Hayley - Feb 2021


“If it wasn’t for Tanya I would still be bored running and not actually getting anywhere or have quit fitness completely! She is the best instructor and PT I have ever trained with and we are so lucky to have her!!“

Kathy - Feb 2021


“The best part is being part of a growing community that encourages progress and celebrates successes. No clique, just friendly and fun. Highly recommend TMG Fitness!”

Sahra - Aug 2020


“Tanya is the best fitness instructor EVER! Her classes are great for all abilities and her personality is so charismatic it keeps you motivated to keep returning to class. I’ve been attending her classes for years now, and watched her classes get more and more popular. She’s created an amazing community and made fitness fun for many people.”

Sam - Aug 2020


“I know I speak on behalf of our amazing TMG family that without our Tanya during this lockdown we wouldn’t have been able to cope and have needed these classes mentally and physically. It’s just takes us away from the worries and stresses we are all going through and when we log on and see Tanya’s smiling face it makes things a little bit better. She’s as mad as a hatter and has us cracking up forgetting that we are actually doing a fitness class. She’s even come up with her own tmgslogans!”

Lisa - June 2020


“Friends, fun and fitness rolled in to one.....it just doesn’t feel like the usual exercise but you get amazing results!”

Lorraine - Jan 2020