About Me

If you make working out FUN, is it really working out?

I began my career in Fitness and Personal Training later in life, my 40’s. I like to think I have been on every ‘diet’ and taken part in every exercise class ever!! I have been a size 8, I have been a size 18, however, nothing really changed until I really, and I mean really, began to enjoy fitness. I knew that if I could transform my body, at my age, with a busy work life, a young child and the general busyness of life then I could help others do the same!

When I started TMG fitness, I wanted it to be about more than weight loss, I wanted it to be about fitness for the mind as well as the body – I am a huge advocate for fitness for mental as well as physical health.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you are not going to sweat and work hard – you will do that for sure, but you will enjoy doing it. I want everyone who takes part in a TMG fitness class, Personal Training session or Challenge Group to come away wanting to do it again and again and again! I want it to be about Community, support, friendships and fun!

If I can do it then so can you – what are you waiting for? Come and join the TMG Family!

  Meet the Team

Originally a dancer, Kara has always had a passion for exercise, fitness and remaining active. She studied as a full time dancer, and danced since she was two (all be it just good toes, naughty toes at that age). She has danced all over the world, and in 2010 her dance group reached the semi finals of Britain's Got Talent. 

Kara trained as a level 2 Gym Instructor, level 3 Personal Trainer, and she also holds qualifications in Mental health, and working with people with complex needs. Her day job allows her to support young offenders, and she is very passionate in supporting people with past trauma through taking a therapeutic approach to exercise.

Kara loves garage music, Nandos and her celebrity crush is Anthony Joshua!



Hello, I am Michelle! I started working with Tanya in January 2020 and I absolutely love it. I support Tanya with some of her day to day admin, help with emails & messages, assist with events, projects & merch.I am a virtual assistant with an office management and events background, and genuinely love all things admin so, it is easy to enjoy my work. But what I love most about working with Tanya and being part of the TMG team, is the incredible community she has created. 

I met Tanya in 2018 shorty after having my second baby, when I started her classes. I had put on a lot of weight and wasn’t feeling great about myself. I had never done an exercise class for more than a few months, life always got too busy! But here I am still doing classes nearly 3 years later, and actually can’t imagine life without them. Yes I lost weight, but more importantly I found something I love….I still love chocolate more, but only just! 

My favourite classes are Pound, Battlebox, Pure Abs, Powerbands, and Purestretch, however any class I’ve ever done with Tanya has made me laugh! She has a way of making exercise normal and everyone feeling welcome no matter what your fitness level!